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Download–Peaslee Review

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Excerpt: “Jonathan Beller’s new (but long in preparation) book, The Cinematic Mode of Production: Attention Economy and the Society of the Spectacle, is, I think, the most important work of film theory since Deleuze’s two Cinema volumes appeared more than two decades ago. Or, even better, forget the qualifier “film”: Beller’s book is the first important work of aesthetics, or of “theory” generally, of the new century.”

Jeffery Bell, “Response to Jonathan Beller’s Essay, ‘Cinema: Capital of the Twentieth Century,’
Postmodern Culture:

Rubrics of Intelligibility,” Shortwalks

Number,” Elusive Lucidity

11/27: The Self-Enunciating Eye

Logika Capital = Logika Filma

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Excerpt: “Jonathan Beller’s essential The Cinematic Mode of Production is perhaps the first serious attempt at a detailed political economy of postmodernism that addresses what makes this era distinctive, cinema and the image.” (August 27, 2007)

Society of the Spectacle,” Radical Reversal (June 6,2007)

Video: “The Consciousness of Computers,” (May 25,2007)

Video: “The Unmemorible [sic],” (May 25, 2007)

“Synopsis and Verdict,” Le Colonel Chabert (February 28, 2007)

On Beller,” Event Mechanics

Cinema,” Le Colonel Chabert

One Kind of Circulation” Elucive Lucidity

Or So We Must Assume,” Le Colonel Chabert

The Medium is Master,” Le Colonel Chabert

Man with a Movie Camera (Base)/’Man with a Movie Camera’ (Superstructure),” Le Colonel Chabert, also featured on Elusive Lucidity

Behold,” Le Colonel Chabert, also featured on Elusive Lucidity

Good Kvestchun,” Le Colonel Chabert

Theater of the People V”, Le Colonel Chabert
Excerpt: “…Jonathan Beller’s persuasive The Cinematic Mode of Production (the most important Marxist book on culture, I’d say, since Lefebvre’s The Production of Space)….”

Beller/Vertov,” Elusive Lucidity

Charters, Brevets, Heroic Bourgeois,” Le Colonel Chabert

Jonathan Beller…,” Elusive Lucidity
Excerpt: “… has to be one of the most exciting film theorists working in American academia.”

Quote of the Day,” Elusive Lucidity

The Eye,” The Handstand



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